Prospective 4ltR owner seeks advice..............

Prospective 4ltR owner seeks advice..............

Postby Jake Drummond » Mon Aug 21, 2006 5:49 pm

I'm really interested in buying a tidy VP 4ltR, an automatic of course, 1967 model with 70,000 miles on her, and in what appears to be good condition.
What should I watch for with the marque?
What will I get (being lightfooted) on motorway steady driving with regards to mpg?
Will the RR engine take kindly to LPG conversion?
Jake Drummond
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Postby colin@auc » Wed Aug 23, 2006 2:03 pm

Dear Jake,

May I recommend you join the owners club? My membership has lapsed as I sold my car but it is most useful.

Try this thread mostly for the body advice:

Also to look out for:
What's the oil consumption - if it is high and there's a significant leak from the rear of the engine then suspect rings, you can't tell this from a compression test.
Also suspect rings if the exhaust sounds like it's blowing.
What's the oil pressure when it is hot, and I mean hot after a few miles on the motorway - if it drops significantly then suspect bearings.
What does the temperature gauge show again under similar circumstances and does it use any water - if it rises more than just outside the normal region then suspect a blocked rad or block waterways or even a head gasket.
Does the engine rock from side to side - if so suspect engine mounts.

If the engine is in good nick and especially the carbs are properly balanced then expect 20m.p.g. on a careful run. If not then maybe 15.
On the upside again with proper setup you'll run on standard unleaded.

Lastly don't expect the clock to work, they are and always were rubbish!

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