VP Allegro for saving in Liverpool!

VP Allegro for saving in Liverpool!

Postby MCiAutomotive » Wed May 09, 2007 8:44 pm

Spotted on another forum:

Hi all,

I just registered to spread the word a.s.a.p. that I spotted a VDP 1500 (Allegro) apparently entering a scrapyard last night. Unfortunately, I was whizzing past and already late for something so didn't have time to stop and investigate.

At the quick glance that I could give it as I shot past, it didn't look bad. It's metallic copper colour (no, not just rust - it looked nice and shiny!) and was still on its wheels and still had the VDP grille, which must be worth a look in itself, along with the bonnet - where are you going to find those nowadays?!

It was right at the front of the 'front receiving area' where cars normally have all their fluids drained off before being fork lifted into the rear area and stacked for people to strip so I'm guessing that the owners realise that this is a pretty rare vehicle but if someone comes along and offers money for stripped spares, I'm sure they'll take it - it's a business after all - so be quick if you want it in its complete condition. (I can't believe that someone's scrapped it - probably a house clearance after someone's died.)

If anyone is a member of a forum anywhere else that's useful, perhaps they can spread the word as there's bound to be someone who will want to grab this rare model before it's too late. (The Allegro Club doesn't seem to have a forum.)

The yard in question is the one on the dock road next to the huge concrete grain warehouse (Regent Road) in Kirkdale/Bank Hall. It used to be known as North End Car Spares (0151-236 3047) a few years ago but the only name I can find that matches the location is Bootle Spares (0151-933 6090).

If you want to see where it is, the postcode is L20 8DF so put that into your favourite map viewer. (Best aerial view is on Google Earth (or the maps tab on Google) where, once you've put L20 8DF in and clicked on 'satellite' (top RHS) you can clearly see the rows of cars squeezed between the disused Canada Dock railway goods depot and the big grain warehouse (just south of the pointer). The image on multimap.com is in total shadow and nowhere near as good as Google.)

Someone go and grab it quickly!!

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Postby MCiAutomotive » Tue May 15, 2007 3:37 pm

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