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Austin A135 Princess Saloon (DS6)

Two versions of the long-wheelbase DS6 saloon based upon the DM4 Princess Limousine were produced between 1953 and 1967.

These were a four-light saloon (as shown in the duo-tone vehicle) and a six-light saloon (externally identical to the DM4 Limousine). Both vehicles were identical mechanically to the DM4.

The DS6 had a front split bench-type seat normally without an interior division, although eleven four-light saloons did have a division fitted! Like the DM4 automatic transmission became available from 1956 and power steering from 1958 as extra cost options.

Two special DS6 4-light saloons were made, one for the Iberian Distributor and the other for the Danish Ambassador to the UK. 

Some 88 DS6s of all types were produced.


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