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Daimler Double-Six & 4.2 Vanden Plas S2

In September 1973 and in line with the rest of the Jaguar/Daimler range, a Series 2 version of the Daimler Double-Six Vanden Plas was introduced.

It was powered by Jaguar's V12 5,343cc engine still with 4 carburettors and the Borg-Warner Model 12 automatic gearbox. Fully independent suspension with anti-dive geometry and servo-assisted disc brakes, low profile radial tyres and power-assisted rack and pinion steering were all included.

The new series 2 car differed visually by its new frontal treatment of a shallower radiator grille surmounting the raised front bumper. A rectangular lower grille was situated between the bumper under-riders. The sidelights and indicators were also now sited under the bumper. Inside the car received a new facia layout with all dials and instruments now sited in front of the driver. For the first time on a British car, fibre optic light-conducting cables were used to illuminate the heating, lighting and ignition panels. Automatic air-conditioning and heating, electric windows, central door locking, heated rear window, tinted glass, remote controlled drivers door mirror and front seat headrests were all standard equipment. Bright side mouldings and a gold coachline were fitted to each body side, and the roof was covered in black vinyl. The seats were trimmed in leather to a Vanden Plas design with Ambla used for all but the wearing surfaces. Birstall Evlan carpets with added underfelt, nylon rugs for all four footwells, adjustable rear-quarter reading lamps, radio/stereo cartridge player, red warning lights on all 4 doors and an extra cigar lighter fitted to the rear console were all fitted to the Daimler Vanden Plas.

1974 saw the fitting of Lucas Electronic fuel injection to the V12 engine to improve both economy and performance. Further improvements came in 1978 with the fitting of a GM400 automatic gearbox and a radio/cassette player.

As a direct result of the 1974 oil crisis the smaller engine Daimler 4.2 litre Vanden Plas was introduced on 30th April 1975. This model was powered by Jaguar's XK in-line six-cylinder 4,235cc engine fitted with twin SU carburettors and a Borg-Warner Model 65 automatic gearbox. Apart from a slightly different tyre size there was no other difference between the two models. In 1976 an experimental one-off Daimler Double-Six Vanden Plas 2-door Coupe was produced. 

In total 1,723 Daimler Double-Six Vanden Plas' and 881 Daimler 4.2 Vanden Plas' were produced before the model was replaced by the Series 3 in February 1979.

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