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Mini Vanden Plas

Neither BMC or BL ever produced a Vanden Plas version of the Mini for sale in the UK. However, Leyland South Africa produced a short lived model called the Mini Vanden Plas from August 1978 to September 1979.

Fitted with the 'A' series 1098cc engine, manual 4-speed transmission, drum brakes all round and 5.20tyres on 3.5J ten-inch rims the model was described as the 'most luxuriously equipped Mini ever in South Africa'.

Painted in just one body colour, Bronze Metallic, the Mini Vanden Plas had unique body side graphics featuring a golden basket weave finish with Vanden Plas script on both lower sides, just in front of the rear wheel arches, and on the nearside of the bonnet. It came as standard with a folding sunroof, matt-black grille with chrome surround, tinted and shaded windscreen, tinted glass on all windows, twin chrome door mirrors, chrome exhaust finisher, mud-flaps, rear lamp units incorporating reversing lights and a dipping rear view mirror. The seats were upholstered in cashmere pure wool; a walnut dashboard with twin side glove boxes, leather bound steering wheel and mahogany coloured pile carpets added to the luxury feel of the car.

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