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Vanden Plas Princess 1300

Production of the Vanden Plas Princess 1300 began in September 1967. All were built on the new ADO16 Mark 2 bodyshell identified by its cropped rear wings. There was in fact Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 versions of the Princess 1300.

The Mark 1 was fitted with a 1275cc single SU HS4 carburettor 'A' series engine giving an output of 58bhp at 5250rom. A new all-synchromesh 4-speed manual gearbox became available as well as the option of AP 4-speed automatic. Externally the 1300 was fitted with front wing side repeater lights and ventilated wheels. Inside the seats were redesigned with leather used only for the wearing surfaces with Ambla used for all other surfaces. The small front door elasticated pockets were deleted to be replaced by larger pockets fitted beneath the picnic tables on the backs of the front seats. Only 1064 Mark 1s were made before the Mark 2 was introduced in April 1968.

The Mark 2 manual transmission models received twin SU HS2 carburettors raising the power output to 65bhp at 5750rpm. The automatic models retained the single SU HS4 carburettor with power now quoted at 60bhp at 5250rpm. The Mark 3s remained in this state of tune throughout their production life which commenced in September 1971 and ended in June 1974. The side repeater flashers were deleted on the Mark 3s, a new plastic manual gearbox knob and a new plastic moulded body for the heater controls was fitted. In total 11717 Mark 2s and 10108 Mark 3s were manufactured. Factory fitted extras included a heated rear window, a steel sliding sunroof and a fitted radio with twin speakers.

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